Maebashi''s Geography

On the map, Maebashi is located at 36゜23" N 139゜04" E. About 100km north of Tokyo, Maebashi has Gunma-gun to the west; Takasaki and Isesaki to the south; Kiryu to the east; and Mount Akagi to the north. The area slopes gently northward with its height above sea level varying from 1,828m to 64m. Central Maebashi is situated along the banks of the Tone River


Maebashi City(前橋市)

phone number: 81-(0)27-224-1111
〒371-8601 2-12-1,Oote-machi,Maebashi,Gunma Prefecture(群馬県前橋市大手町二丁目12番1号)