Winter of Maebashi

The Changing seasons are beautiful in Maebashi

Mid - January - March

Ice Fishing for Wakasagi on Lake Onuma

Telephone: +81-27-287-8511 (Akagi Onuma Fishing Cooperative Association / Aoki Ryokan) Japanese Dialogue only
 From September, It’s possible to fish for Wakasagi by boat, but from Mid-January to March, the lake freezes over, and people enjoy fishing through holes cut in the ice.

Lake Onuma iced

 (Frozen Lake Onuma)

Ice fishing for wakasagi

January - March

Snowshoeing Around Lake Onuma, Konuma, Kakumanbuch Marsh, Mt. Choshichirou, Mt. Jizoudake etc.


(Snowshoeing at Lake Konuma)

Telephone: +81-27-287-8227 (Mt. Akagi Sightseeing Alliance / Akagi Youth Nature Center) Japanese Dialogue only
 Snowshoe on frozen Lake Onuma or across the snowy fields of Kakumanbuchi Marsh. It’s fun to look for the tracks of wild birds and animals. There are also guided tours.

Snowshoeing at lake Onuma

(Snowshoeing at Lake Onuma)

From summit of Choshichirou

(View from the summit of Mt. Choshichirou)

From Mt. Jizou
From Mt. Jizoudake

January - March

Snow Park at Mt. Akagi No.1 Ski Slope

Telepfone: +81-27-287-8311 (Onuma Sanso Villa) Japanese Dialogue only
 The Mt. Akagi No.1 Ski Slope is Japan’s best small ski park. There is a snow escalator (moving Beltway - sunkid ), only 60 meter, so kids can enjoy skiing & playing on a sled.

Akagiyama snow park




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